Behavior Modification for Horses
Behavior Modification for Horses
Learn efficient horse training and riding using targeted behavior modification techniques. At Got Carrots?® in Roy, Washington, Patti helps you understand what you can do to change your horses' behavior and how to do it positively.
Below are resources to have user-friendly horses without using unnecessary force.

Sample of Horse Education Topics

Introduction: Behavioral Science for All Horse Disciplines
Part One: Basic Tools Using Behavior Modification with Horses 
1. Behavioral Science: What Does it Offer for Training Horses?
2. Review of Behavioral Modification as Applied to Horses
3. Consequences Using Positive Reinforcers
4. Reinforcers: Tools of the Trade
5. Aversive Stimulus or Punishment
6. Using Behavior Modification for Training Horses
7. Philosophy of Horse Training
8. The Trainer, the Horse, and the Environment
9. Analyzing the Horse Training Literature


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